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Mostly from https://ttshieronym.tumblr.com/post/28295270913/background-timeline-revealed-so-far


1815: Beginnings of SMC take root at Congress of Vienna

End of 19th century: Clarisse van Rossum is born

1910s: SMC shattered by World War I

April 15th, 1912: Van Rossum contracts with the sinking of the RMS Titanic

1940s: World War II kills off last remnants of the SMC, in England

1990s-2000s: Rough year of birth for MSY Founders

1995-1996: Rough year of birth for Mami

1996-1997: Rough year of birth for Homura, Kyouko, and Sayaka

October 3rd, 1996: Madoka's date of birth in original timeline

2001-2002: Rough year of birth for Yuma

2007-2008: Rough year of birth for Kaname Tatsuya

2008-2010: Rough year of Mami and Kyouko's contracts

2011: Mami and Kyouko reconcile after Oriko's attack on Mami's apartment

March 16th, 2011: Beginning date of Homura's loops in original timelines

2011: Homura and Sayaka contract, Homura receives timeloop memories upon Sayaka's death

April 30th, 2011: Walpurgisnacht arrives in Mitakihara in original timelines; Van Rossum arrives in Mitakihara

2013-2014: Oriko dies, Yuma joins Homura, Mami, and Kyouko as the Mitakihara Four

Early MSY

2021: Founding of MSY

2020s: Rough year of birth for Shizuki Sayaka

2031: Formation of MSY Leadership Committee

2043: Formation of Soul Guard, Leadership Committee given power to form bureaucracy

2044: Institutionalization of MSY Judiciary

2045: Beginning of corporate expansion throughout pacific rim and parts of East Asia

2053: Formation of MHD

2055: MSY takeover of Yakuza

2059: First major charter rewrite (excluding early period), formation of MSY Rules Committee, institutionalization of MSY Citizenship, implementation of restrictive Japanese nativist rules regarding membership

2061: "Second generation" mages begin appearing in meaningful numbers

MSY Expansion

2065: MSY takeover of Triad, corporate expansion into China; Kugimiya Ito and Nakanishi Aiko reunite

2067: Second major charter rewrite, repeal of nativist policies, formalization of expansionist protocol, federalization policies

2071: Akari dies, Mami Reformats herself, Korean Intervention

2085: Last independent Japanese magical girls absorbed into MSY

2068-2126: Expansion and globalization of MSY, first attempts at AI; copycat magical girl organizations proliferate, including a new SMC, though most are quickly absorbed

2085: Rough beginning of MSY-SMC Cold War

2110: SMC agrees to merger in exchange for concessions

2138: Last known non-MSY holdout consents to membership

2135: Pretoria Scandal

2136: Theoretical framework for Friendly AI, the Volokhov Criterion, completed by Volokhov and Laplace

2148: Trusted Computing Framework, built by early Volokhov-friendly AIs, lays basis for provably secure computing and AI design; AIs proliferate

2130s-2150s: Kaname Madoka Jr. born; Kaname Tatsuya dies

Unification Wars

2130s-2150s: MSY members reach effective hyperclass status; future FA/UF distinctions start to become apparent, structural unemployment rises to crisis levels

2150s: Future FA nations become increasingly brutal in the crushing of domestic uprisings

2160: UN dissolves amidst irreconcilable discord, is replaced by Freedom Alliance (FA) and United Front (UF), neutral nations slowly descend into civil war

2160-63: International situation deteriorates, local wars begin to break out, Incubator offer to intervene is refused by the MSY

January 20th, 2161: FA-aligned coup begins the Second Civil War in the United States

2163-2230: Time period of what would be later known as the Unification Wars

2163-2171: St. Petersburg Atrocity precipitates World War III; MSY membership votes to apply unprecedented punitive measures on its minority FA-sympathetic faction, full UF/FA interfactional war breaks out soon after

2171-2175: A partial peace is established after UF-aligned governments turn initial defeats into moderate gains, most notably solidifying Europe

2175-2179: FA begins World War IV with largely successful WMD strikes; the unrestricted conflict quickly becomes ruinous for both sides

2179-2189: Near civilizational collapse necessitates another partial peace, UF and FA reorganize

2180: UF Emergency Defense Committee (EDC) founded

2189-2215: World War V; WMDs are more readily countered, and heavily augmented human soldiers take center stage

2200: EDC has largely supplanted the remaining UF governments, passes Universal Readiness Decree of 2200 mandating civilian implants

2200s: Grotesque FA Elites enter mass deployment; nevertheless, economic fundamentals and FA disunity begin pointing towards UF victory

2215-2218: The Treaty of Paris establishes a temporary peace, with substantial gains for the UF and asylum for the remaining FA underclasses; mass migration precipitates a refugee crisis

2218-2230: "The Cleanse"; remaining FA nations are slowly overrun

2230: EDC declares worldwide Unification Day (though small FA remnants will persist for years); the population—now heavily augmented and totaling less than half its pre-war height—celebrates

Golden Age

2230-2240: EDC, promising to construct a new, permanent Eudaimonia, leverages its absolute global power to reconstruct civilization

2236: Kuroi Abe born.

2240: EDC dissolves itself and establishes Governance as its successor

2250-2330: Project Eden brings clinical immortality, Project Janus brings faster-than-light travel, and Project Icarus brings plentiful solar energy

2260-2280: First Colonization Wave begins the settlement of the Core Worlds

2300-2320: Second Colonization Wave begins

2310: Kuroi Abe and his future wife are on the brink of marriage

2333-2335: Kuroi Nana born, with Kuroi Nakase following shortly after

2337-2338: Erwynmark born on the colony Bismarck

2346-2348: Kuroi Nakase contracts, Kuroi Nana contracts and her wish undoes Nakase's contract

2350-2360: Beginning of MSY clones project

2351-2357: Kuroi Nana breaks contact with her family

2354: Trailer for Historian released²⁴

2375-2381: Kuroi Nana reconnects with sister and father, but not mother

2395-2405: First successful use of blank slate clone as new host body

2420-2423: Azrael born

2434-2437: Azrael contracts after the destruction of her colony Terra Roja

2439: Mami suggests that the Mitakihara Four take a vacation together

Contact War

2440: First Contact with Cephalopod aliens, destruction of Aurora/Atlas colonies, Battle of Epsilon Eridani/New Athens, disappearance of Homura, end of the Masquerade

2441: Kyouko gives first speech announcing her intention to found the Church of Hope

2440-2443: Mami becomes a Field Marshal; Joanne Valentin switches fields to physics, starts blogging about magical girl subjects; Kuroi Nakase and Shizuki Kuma meet and marry

2442: Ordo Illustrata founds their colony on X-25

2445-2446: Ryouko born

Mid-2446: Asaka, Alice, Patricia undergo initial training

2452: Samsara offensive ends in debacle for the Cephalopods

2452-2453: Marshal Erwynmark's Saharan Raid destroys a shipyard and wormhole stabilizer, putting a temporary end to alien ability to sustain offensives

2457: Beginning of Euphratic Incursion

2457-2458: Ryouko and her friend Chiaki (and Kyouko) attend a live violin performance. (Ryouko and Chiaki are 14)

October 1st, 2459: Kyouko begins dating Kishida Maki

Mid-2460: Simona transfers to Mitakihara as an exchange student

To the Stars

Chapter numbers cited for events: ⁰ ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹

On Earth, time of day translates as follows:

Early morning - Roughly 12am-6am

Morning - Roughly 6am-12pm

Afternoon - Roughly 12pm-6pm

Evening - Roughly 6pm-12am

Elsewhere, time of day is local. (A planet may have more than 24 hours in a day, etc.) Date is Earth-standardized.

Correlated with https://ttshieronym.tumblr.com/post/28296227067/story-so-far

Volume 1

September 16, 2460:

Morning: Ryouko meets friends at school, sees Mami through the window.¹

Afternoon: Demons attack Ryouko and Simona, Ryouko contracts after being saved by Mami

Evening: Kyouko hunts with Ryouko, and discovers planted saturated grief cubes.² Mami watches the movie Akemi.³ ⁴

September 17:

Early Morning: Ryouko, along with Kyouko, tells her parents about her contract.⁵ Mami departs Earth after meeting with Marianne.⁶

Morning: Ryouko reads informational messages about being a magical girl.⁵ Kyouko visits Yuma to discuss the saturated grief cubes.⁷ ⁸

Afternoon: Mami is promoted at a meeting of the General Staff.⁶ Ryouko receives her implant upgrades and a vision at the Ribbon.⁹ She relates this to the Theological Council.¹⁰

September 18:

Early morning: Ryouko has dinner with family and visits the sparring ground beneath the Cult of Hope's church with them.¹¹

Morning: Ryouko and Kuroi Abe talk about her grandmother.¹¹

Afternoon: Ryouko tells Ruiko and Chiaki about her contract; they watch the movie Akemi together with Simona.¹¹

Evening: Ryouko and friends have a sleepover, while Kyouko and Yuma assign a spy bug to Ryouko and assign Risa Flores to watch over her.¹¹

September 19:

Morning: Ryouko receives first grief cube shipment and reads about combat.¹²

Afternoon: Ryouko goes on a large demon hunt.¹²

September 20:

Afternoon: Ryouko attends event for new magical girls, meets Asami.¹³

September 21:

Afternoon: Ryouko meets her MSY psychiatrist Atsuko Arisu.¹³

Evening: Ryouko studies combat more.¹³

September 22:

Early Morning: Ryouko's father brings her to Prometheus, upgrading her TacComp to V2 and explaining the clone program.¹³ Yuma, Mami, and Kyouko discuss Valentin, Simona, and the grief cube audit; Ryouko investigates her family tree.¹⁴

Afternoon: Ryouko's attends her farewell party and learns of her aunt Kuroi Nana.¹⁵

September 23:

Afternoon: Ryouko says goodbye to her family at the starport, takes scramjet to space elevator with Asami.¹⁶

Evening: Ryouko reaches space.¹⁶

Volume 2

September 29th, 2460: Initial raid on the wormhole stabilizer fails.¹⁸ Ryouko, Asami, and Meiqing enter the final memory-suppressed simulation portion of their training.¹⁹

September 30th: Ryouko and Asami share their wishes with each other, as their week of training on New Athens ends.¹⁹

October 1st: HSS Laplace is attacked by Ceph fighters and Ryouko organizes a magical defense; meanwhile Maki, Patricia, and Asaka fight Ceph ground forces on Apollo in the Kepler-37 System.²⁰

October 2nd: Ryouko, recovering from radiation damage from the attack, learns Clarisse is sentient.²⁰

October 3rd: Ryouko et al. land on the planet of Acheron for garrison duty and attend a gathering commemorating the Goddess's birthday.²⁰ Kyouko, Mami, and Yuma meet virtually to celebrate as well.²¹

October 5th: Asami confesses her attraction to Ryouko, and Ryouko is recalled from garrison duty to Kepler-37.²¹

October 8th: Now aboard HSS Zhukov, Ryouko is awarded a medal by Mami and informed that she's been assigned to the second wormhole stabilizer mission.²²

October 9th: Ryouko meets some of her MagOps team descending down to Apollo aboard HSS Raven, and visits her injured grandfather.²³

Possible Future Events

2600s: Third Colonization Wave planned to begin²³

2900s: Planned timeframe for human expansion beyond the Local Area²³