Azrael Maslanka

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Azrael Maslanka
Azrael face.png
Name Azrael Maslanka (♀)
Kanji Unknown
Age about 40
Occupation Rogue Colony Scout
Weapon Unknown
Classification telepath
Mentor Akemi Homura


Azrael is introduced in Chapter 37 to speak with Shizuki Ryouko and Nakihara Asami about rogue colonies.


Azrael is a Magical Girl originally from a rogue colony on a planet known as Terra Roja. Her personality is generally quite shy and awkward. Notably, she has undergone genetic modification and has spines on her back which support a pair of wings, allowing her to fly. As a teenager, her parents were killed in a civil war that also effectively destroyed the colony on Terra Roja. Following this, Azrael contracted at the age of 14. Her wish was to be able to keep her wings as Governance wanted everyone to return to baseline human following the discovery of the colony.


Azrael is a rather shy person who blushes frequently, especially when discussing or showing her body modifications. She maintains a childlike appearance despite being nearly forty. She dislikes hiking.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

As a magical girl her main power is telepathy. She can also fly with the aid of artificially created wings and a tail extension, which she can feel and control with the spines on her back.

Azrael was born genetically modified and had additional alterations made after her birth. She has spines along each side of her back that allow for the placement of wings. She also has nictating membranes on her eyes.