Nakihara Asami

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Nakihara Asami
Asami Cropped.png
Name Nakihara Asami (♀)
Age 14
Occupation Ch. 13-24: Magical Girl, Training (Rank: 2LT)
Ch. 21-57: Magical Girl, Active Service (Rank: 2LT)
Ch. 57-??: Magical Girl, Active Service (Rank: 1LT)
Girlfriend of Shizuki Ryouko
Soul Gem
Base of the neck
Soul Gem
Weapon Black Hole
Classification Gravity Manipulator

A meek and unassertive girl, she has the interesting quality of having a build and height very similar to Ryouko, easing Ryouko’s insecurities about the issue. Contracted in the same week as Ryouko, they land in the same training cohort on New Athens, (as opposed to the other possibility: Mars) and appear to have become bosom friends (and, in Asami's case, something more) over the course of training simulations. She is currently part of the Magi Cæli.

Asami dreamt of being a xenobiologist and shares several personality traits (lack of satisfaction on earth, ambitious dreams, and urge to visit the colonies) with Ryouko, but instead spent her wish repairing discord between her parents, for the sake of her younger brother (she also has a much older brother). Asami has gravity-related powers, can sense gravitational shifts, and wears her hair in an unbraided ponytail. It may be that low gravity environments intoxicate her. Who knows?

Although Asami at first expressed a disinterest in romance, she began (awkwardly) dropping hints about her growing affections to Ryouko during their training, and finally confessed her love at an Acheron hot spring.

She participated in the Kepler-37 Offensive, defending Pollux shipyard on the planet Apollo from Cephalopod forces. As a result, her body was lost and her Soul Gem was recovered by a MedEvac drone. When her body was recovered, she heard the news that Ryouko was speculated dead, and as a result started to fall into despair, which prompted her body to be ejected by the MedEvac drone. Asami's Soul Gem was brought back to Earth, where it was integrated into her backup clone, whose growth was accelerated by the inclusion of body parts recovered from her original body.



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