Patricia von Rohr

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Patricia von Rohr
Patricia von rohr by xkick.png
Name Patricia von Rohr (♀)
Age Likely 24-34
Occupation Magical Girl, Active Service
(Rank: Lieutenant Colonel)
Installed original military upgrades for Shizuki Ryouko
Weapon Drones
Classification Misc.
Shirou Asaka (current)
Sakura Kyouko (previous)
Mentor Sakura Kyouko (primary)

Patricia von Rohr appears to act as the de facto scientific specialist of Kyouko's close circle of mentored girls.


A nanobiologist and member of the Cult of Hope, it is implied that Patricia's ability to perform her job is related to her wish, which fits with her unusual powers: summoning and controlling drones of every sort. Around everyone except Asaka, she is soft-spoken and hesitant, trying too hard to speak as precisely as possible. She is, however, less restrained around her friend. Unlike Asaka, before Volume One the only combat experience she had has been that associated with her training. She has, however, since joined Maki as part of Asaka’s newest combat rotation, on the planet Apollo.


A white-colored magical girl, she has no hand-to-hand combat weapon, and likes to ride on one of her flying drones, so as to stay far above combat. She also often brings ordinary combat drones to complement the summoned ones that are her mainstay. Like Asaka, she wears her blonde hair in a braided ponytail. In appearance, she is classically Germanic, of the variety that tends to get shown in beerhalls in tourist brochures. As such, she has considerable assets—she is, however, surrounded by girls who are mostly over their insecurity about things like that.


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