Kishida Maki

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Kishida Maki
Name Kishida Maki (♀)
Age <24
Occupation Magical Girl, Active Service
(Rank: ???)
Soul Gem
Soul Gem
Weapon Dual swords (unspecified type) w/ scabbards
Classification Conjurer
Shirou Asaka (current)
Sakura Kyouko (previous)
Mentor Sakura Kyouko (primary)

"I wish to have something I can believe in again. I wish to have something I can paint wholeheartedly again."
—Maki's wish

Kishida Maki is an artist and a member of the Cult of Hope. She also looks remarkably similar to Miki Sayaka of the original cast, and was Kyouko's most recent fling companion, helping to fill the hole in her heart left by her predecessor.


Maki is an accomplished religious artist. In her younger years, the influence of her (now dead) pastor and her religion's close-minded approach to her artwork combined to create a separation between her and her parents' (future Christian protestant) religion, one that widened into complete dissolution after she made a contract to find a new religion to believe in. In the tumultuous time afterward, she experimented, turning out to be lesbian and allowing herself to be seduced by Kyouko, who later withdrew her from front-line combat.


Maki is first introduced as one of Emergency Response Team members that destroyed the demons that had attacked Ryouko. Later, she is revealed to have been the first person in the Cult of Hope to have drawn the goddess with long, overflowing pink hair at the insistence of Shirou Asaka, as opposed to the generically long and white it was assumed to be before.

When Asaka decides to re-enter the war, Maki follows her and Patricia von Rohr, refusing Kyouko’s advice of continuing to stay back from the front. This precipitates a catastrophic argument and break-up. It turns out that this is due to having picked up on her role as a Sayaka-replacement, and her dissatisfaction with this arrangement and Kyouko’s deliberate emotional distance. She is last shown to have been stationed on Heliopolis, participating in retaking a sniper-filled strongpoint.


Maki is bit of a dreamer. As seen with her wish, painting is an important aspect of her; her desire to draw whole-heartedly is the reason escaped from her parents, and part of the reason she did not stay with Kyouko. She also does not appears to be a morning person (or at least, not a getting-out-of-bed-gracefully person).

MG Costume & Abilities[edit]

Maki appears similar to Miki Sayaka; in her magical girl costume however, she is usually seen with two one-handed swords, rather than just one, and has bracers and leg armor that Sayaka lacked, as well as an armored breastplate and skirt.

Her power is conjuration, possibly stemming from her artistic talent. So far she was shown to be capable of materializing ghost missiles, other magical girls, and giant black sheets. It is unknown what limit or conditions there may be to her ability.

Her theme color is blue, and her gem takes the shape of a cross while in costume.


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