Shirou Asaka

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Shirou Asaka
Shirou asaka by xkick.png
Name Shirou Asaka (♀)
Kanji Unknown
Age Likely 24-34
Occupation Magical Girl, Active Service
(Rank: Brigadier General)
Following instruction from a vision from Madoka, directed Ryouko towards the Ribbon
Soul Gem
Right forearm
Soul Gem
Weapon Dual Daggers
Classification Misc. Teleportation/Barrier generator
Unknown. Distantly, Tomoe Mami.

Sakura Kyouko (former)

Mentor Sakura Kyouko (Primary)

Shirou Asaka is one of Kyouko's close circle of mentored girls.


Until recently, Asaka spent her time with Patricia von Rohr and Kishida Maki at the Cult of Hope Headquarters in Mitakihara City. After meeting Ryouko, Asaka realized that she had fulfilled the directive she had received from Madoka in her previous vision, and prepared to return to active combat. As of Volume Two, she is stationed within the city of Heliopolis on the planet Apollo, as superior officer of Patricia and Maki, both of whom opted to join her. It took special pleading from Kyouko to Mami to keep them together.


A Brigadier General with a distinguished service record, her career has been on hold ever since she lost her close friend (and lover) Alice in the very battle that won her her most recent promotion, in all likelihood ordering her to her death. A former and current video gamer, she was once a full-time devotee, partly due to social defects on her part, many of which she explicitly rectified with her wish. Later, after the loss of Alice, it is implied that in the depths of her grief she lost herself in full immersion simulations, wiping even her memory of the outside world. It took a vision with Madoka, and a talk with the deceased Alice, for her to reset her bearings. However, on instructions from the Goddess, she waited for a specific event to happen before returning to combat. Shizuki Ryouko brought her that event.


Asaka is blunt-spoken yet charismatic, often the joker in the room—in a certain sense, similar to Kyouko. Nowadays, she appears to be best friends with Patricia von Rohr, another member of the Kyouko clique and, like Alice, part of her training cohort. They appear to have a standard combative, banter-filled friendship. No hints of possible relationship yet. The two of them are also good friends with Kishida Maki.


The current version of Asaka is tall and martial, with braided ponytail and serious demeanor. She holds herself in a firm posture, and has a classically well-shaped figure. It is likely that there were long stretches of her life where she did not look that sober. Her gem is violet and is worn on her right forearm when in magical girl form. She has teleportation powers, but it is mentioned that her powers are unusual and strange. She wields dual daggers, but often carries standard weaponry into combat; indeed, she is a bit of a fan of weaponry in general.


  • Akemi Homura medal, for saving an as of yet unnamed colony (the medal was received for the "successful resolution of a seemingly hopeless situation")



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