Tomoe Mami

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Tomoe Mami
Mami face.png
Name Tomoe Mami (♀)
Kanji 巴 マミ
Age 463-464
Occupation Magical Girl, Active Service
(Rank: Field Marshal)
MSY Military Liaison, Chief of the General Staff
Soul Gem
Head (right side)
Soul Gem
Weapon Muskets, Ribbons
Classification Ranged Fighter
Mentor None

Tomoe Mami (巴 マミ Tomoe Mami) is one of the original protagonists from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. In To the Stars, her main role is being the primary mentor of Shizuki Ryouko.


Mami is first introduced while searching for potential magical girls in Mitakihara City. She rescues Ryouko from a demon attack, and is the one to push her into a contract. Mami also provides commentary while watching the Akemi (movie).

Mami contributed greatly to planning a (failed) MagOps attack against a Wormhole Stabilizer in the Kepler-37 System. She, along with Chitose Yuma and Sakura Kyouko, are also the ones investigating mysterious administrative problems (the grief cube shortages and the disappearing Magical Girls) as well as the enigma surrounding Ryouko (the attempt on Ryouko's life, Ryouko's friend Simona del Mago, the suspicious Joanne Valentin, and the surprise attack on the HSS Pierre-Simon Laplace).


Before Reset[edit]

Her parents died in a car crash when she was only a child, Mami herself only surviving via a wish to Kyubey. As such, she was forced to learn to fend for herself. She survived solo demon hunts for over a year, taught herself how to form muskets, and mentored Kyouko, Akemi Homura, and Miki Sayaka before the point at which Homura gains the memories of erased timelines.

Ten Year Gap[edit]

Before the formation of the MSY, Mami's money was the primary funding that the Four had, and meetings amongst the Four or with other groups were based at her apartment(s), with her serving refreshments.

She nursed an uncharacteristically heavy grudge with Mikuni Oriko, who had gone out of her way to harass her, her territory, and her home. When Oriko died, Mami's only thought was, "I never thought I'd see the day she would go down... I never got to get my revenge."


One of her aliases during this time was "Tomatsu Mai". It is known that she rotated through many roles, including the title of Chief Diplomat.

Mami was the first Director of the Soul Guard, and served until a mission to eliminate an as of yet unnamed girl finished eating away at her guilt.

After Reveal[edit]

After the Battle of Epsilon Eridani, Mami became a Field Marshal and serves on the General Staff. Her biggest accomplishment to date is the Saharan Raid, where she covered Field Marshal Erwynmark's retreat (following a successful assault).

Her flagship is the battlecruiser HSS Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov.


Akiyama Akari was a Magical Girl and girlfriend to Tomoe Mami. She exhausted her soul gem after the plane they were in was struck down by a bomb planted by a stray group of North Korean Magical Girls. The trauma of witnessing the decaying of Akari's soul gem caused Mami to reformat herself, which would naturally degrade after a few centuries.

Centuries later, the reformat was reversed by Homura, giving evidence that Homura was alive.


Mami works hard to project an image of matronly responsibility and has always been the "respectable older sister" figure, as well as the diplomat, of the Mitakihara Four. During the Cold War with SMC, Mami was the only one of the elder Leadership members to take on a conciliatory stance amongst a sea of poker faces.

Mami is an excellent cook, and still prefers to use fresh produce instead of synthesized ones.


Mami is equipped with a v2 TacComp named Machina, which acts as her close adviser, secretary, and personal processing core. Mami suspects Machina might be fond of Field Marshal Erwynmark, which has "some possibly disturbing implications".

In a vision, Mami learns that Machina is sentient (ref: Chapter 51). Machina portrays herself as very young (smaller than Yuma), in contrast to Ryouko's TacComp Clarisse who acts about the same age as Ryouko. It breathed new life into Mami's life. Machine and Clarisse are the two TacComps so far who have witnessed a vision.




  • Chief Diplomat, MSY
  • Director, Soul Guard
  • Head, Recruitment and Diplomacy


  • Directorate Citation, for the Battle of Epsilon Eridani (the medal is earned "for contributing to an exceptional degree to the wellbeing of Humanity")
  • Defender's Star, First Class, for the Saharan Raid (exact medal requirements unknown)



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