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The Spinal Node Tactical Advisor, more commonly called the Tactical Computer or TacComp, is a generation three self‐assembling neural‐interfacing implant, designed to act as the primary processing node, personal assistant, and combat advisor for military personnel, both in the field and otherwise. In battle, it participates in the control of combat weapons, armor, vehicles, and drones, assists the maintenance of battlefield awareness, provides combat advice and observations, coordinates internal targeting enhancements, and relays commands. Outside of combat, it provides mental offloading services, providing relevant information when needed or requested and aiding decision‐making. It also performs secretarial tasks, providing scheduling and message sorting, as well as a limited ability to respond to low priority messages. It is rated as a grade three semi‐sentient.

An upgrade to V2 of a TacComp results in them becoming far more personable, with them requesting names from their personnel, developing independent opinions and a capacity for discretion in personal matters. They are capable of viewing the visions granted by the Goddess, coming as quite a shock to wider society as to how ensouled an AI truly is.

Known V2 Users[edit]

Tomoe Mami Ryouko

c11 c45