Roland Erwynmark

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You have to accept that there are no perfect choices, sometimes. Sometimes you try your hardest, and you still fail. Sometimes the best way is the one that seems the riskiest. You can't save everyone.

Roland Erwynmark
Name Roland Erwynmark (♂)
Age 122 (deceased)
Occupation (Former) Army,
Rank: Field Marshal
(Former) Chief of the General Staff
Governance:Military Affairs

Field Marshal Roland Erwynmark was the Chief of the General Staff, which put him in a position of nearly supreme military command.

Born on the planet of Bismarck, he began as a member of the Volunteers and soon after becoming Brigadier General of Volunteers his decade-long rise in the military hierarchy began. Despite his age he had very much earned his position with his tactical, strategic and logistical skills.

The controversial name of his TacComp v2, Rommel, as well as his flagship Arminius imply a certain martial mindset, or at least reverence to the tactical skills of these historical figures, regardless of their ethical considerations.

On the General Staff Erwynmark was aware of both the abilities and limitations of Magical Girls and was supportive of them in general.

He seemed to have aspirations, most likely romantic, towards Tomoe Mami.


Spry, with a boyish face, which might be more of an impression compared to officers in comparable positions of authority rather than actual appearance. While Erwynmark was not movie star handsome, he had a legendary charisma. When nervous, he used to fiddle with his collar tab.


Nearly all of his stripes were earned on the battlefield, which made him the so-called Hero of Aurelia and Sahara, the latter operation's success hinged on very timely intervention by three fleets commandeered by Field Marshal Tomoe Mami. Nevertheless he was the one to realize in the aftermath of the failed enemy attacks on Samsara the current vulnerability and opportunity for a counter-attack on the Sahara Sector.

While his position could be likened to Commander-in-Chief, it is more akin to a chairman of a committee with casual votes, discussions and decisions on plans and strategies.

His flagship was the Battlecruiser HSS Arminius, although he spent quite some time in the Carthago Shipyards, HQ of Orbital Space Command orbiting Earth as well.