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The General Staff is the highest level of military organization in the human Armed Forces, analogous to the General Staffs of many militaries today, or the US Combined Chiefs of Staff. It is the body containing all the most senior military officers, and is responsible for the direction of the war effort. Unusually for a body of such importance, it is composed entirely of humans, though it is advised be several important advisory AIs.

The General Staff usually operates by unanimous consent, but disagreements may be resolved by a majority vote of the Staff. The General Staff answers directly to Governance: Military Affairs, and thereby to Governance itself, but Governance generally tries to avoid interfering in its affairs.

The current Chair of the General Staff is Field Marshal Tomoe Mami. By tradition it is composed of around 20 members. Besides Erwynmark, the confirmed members that have been mentioned are:

Note that while other senior officers have been mentioned, they have not been explicitly said to be part of the General Staff.