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Name Clarisse (♀)
Age 0
Occupation Tactical Computer
(for Shizuki Ryouko)
When using an avatar, appears as either a Shizuki Ryouko or Clarisse van Rossum lookalike
Classification Version Two TacComp

Clarisse (no other name) is a Version Two Tactical Computer, embedded in and around Shizuki Ryouko's spine. She is one of Ryouko's closest friends and a constant pillar of support, despite deep personal uncertainties about her role in the world and in Ryouko's personal life. Her unexpected sentience threw a wrench into her programmed fate; she was designed to love and support Ryouko, almost as a mother, completely devoted but firmly in the background. Now, with such a simple and subservient position clearly unethical, she tries to figure out a new one, navigating around Ryouko's relationship with Asami, sudden fame as the poster child for Version Twos, and some rather confusing encounters with a magical girl Goddess. Guided by a wry wit and an insuppressible spirit, Clarisse fights for Ryouko and for herself, as all the plots swirling around her physical host slowly entangle her too.