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Name Clarisse (♀)
Star-name ⁠⊃⁠Ryouko-supporting
Age 0
Occupation Tactical Computer
(for Shizuki Ryouko)
When using an avatar, appears as either a Shizuki Ryouko or Clarisse van Rossum lookalike
Classification Version Two TacComp

Clarisse (no other name) is a Version Two Tactical Computer, embedded in and around Shizuki Ryouko's spine. She is one of Ryouko's closest friends and a constant pillar of support, despite deep personal uncertainties about her role in the world and in Ryouko's personal life. Her unexpected sentience threw a wrench into her programmed fate; she was designed to love and support Ryouko, almost as a mother, completely devoted but firmly in the background. Now, with such a simple and subservient position clearly unethical, she tries to figure out a new one, navigating around Ryouko's relationship with Asami, sudden fame as the poster child for Version Twos, and some rather confusing encounters with a magical girl Goddess. Guided by a wry wit and an insuppressible spirit, Clarisse fights for Ryouko and for herself, as all the plots swirling around her physical host slowly entangle her too.

One of two TacComps to have witnessed a vision, along with Machina (as of Chapter 70).

Writer of "Observations on Thinker Civilization".