Shizuki Ryouko

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Shizuki Ryouko
Ryouko manga.png
Name Shizuki Ryouko (♀)
Kanji 志筑 涼子
Age Ch. 1-36: 14
Ch. 36-?: 15
Occupation Ch. 1: Student
Ch. 2-21: Magical Girl, Training (Rank: 2LT)
Ch. 21-29: Magical Girl, Active Service (Rank: 1LT)
Ch. 30-??: Magical Girl, Active Service (Rank: CPT)
Main Protagonist
Soul Gem
Base of the neck
Soul Gem
Green (same shade as Cephalopod blood)
Weapon Arbalest
Classification Teleporter
Mentor Tomoe Mami (Primary)
Sakura Kyouko (Secondary)

Shizuki Ryouko is the protagonist of To the Stars and a recently-contracted magical girl. Having spent most of her life in Mitakihara City, she has grown weary of Earth's monoculture and hopes to find her place among the stars, whether it be in the colonies, the ongoing war with the Cephalopods, or perhaps something else entirely. Her opportunity to do so finally arrives when she and her friend Simona del Mago are saved from a demon attack in the nick of time by Tomoe Mami, famous magical girl and a leader of the Mahou Shoujo Youkai.

She is notable for her status as the product of both the Shizuki and Kuroi Matriarchies (albeit through estranged branches); her tutelage under both Tomoe Mami and Sakura Kyouko, two of the Mitakihara Four; and her record-breaking teleportation range of approximately 200 kilometers.

Although she considers herself rational to the point of cynicism, especially with regard to the military and Governance, she is rather less insightful when it comes to her own life and relationships.


For some reason everyone thinks her hair and eyes are green. I have no objections to that. Her hair is long and wavy (think Hitomi’s hair) but a bit more tentacular (if that makes sense). Remember, the hair is mildly self-mobile (and has a drone hanging off of it).

Her face resembles Hitomi (never said explicitly), but slightly sharper-edged, since instead of wearing that 24/7 ojou-sama look, she has a constant serious look to her. It also appears more childish than Hitomi (think Madoka, for example).

As for her figure, she’s short and flat-chested, but otherwise quite physically fit (with implants, this just sort of automatically happens). Casual clothing wise, she favors the kind of things you saw at the party (white dress, modest shirt top), with maybe pants if she’s not feeling too formal. Costume wise, it’s green, it’s frilly, and it has buttons. It resembles Madoka’s, actually, if you read the description, though it’s not quite as girlish. Dress is a lot less poofy and more practical, among other things. Soul gem is five-pointed star at base of neck. When not transformed, five-pointed star on the appropriate finger (middle finger of left hand, if episode 5 is to be believed). Of course, her weapon is an arbalest mounted on one arm, and she is a teleporter.

(The green of her costume matches the green of the aliens quite well.)


The protagonist Shizuki Ryouko is by all appearances an ordinary girl. Shorter than average, she is constantly worried that her schoolmates don’t take her seriously, and she has consequently learned to conceal whatever girlish tendencies she may have under a cynical outer layer.This is reflective of an overall tendency to worry about her insignificance in the grand scheme of things, and the desire to prove herself. She is frustrated by the seeming banality of life on Earth, and wishes to travel the universe, where she can have meaningful adventures, like her childhood hero Clarisse van Rossum.

More emotional than she admits, she tries to be as rational whenever possible, with mixed success. She is, however, a thoughtful protagonist. When she is engaged, she is unusually focused, to the point of having tunnel vision. When she is unengaged, a part of her is always drifting far away, causing her to pay suboptimal attention to her surroundings. She has little interest in romance, simply because it doesn’t fall into her current set of goals.

In acute crises, she is unlikely to go into hysterics, and indeed may seem level-headed or even cold; this is not indicative of lack of empathy, but simply a core practicality, even in the most extreme cases. In some cases, she can be shockingly blunt-spoken. It is only when her worldview is shaken that she is truly bothered, but she is extremely resilient. These are excellent qualities for a magical girl.


"I wish I could leave Earth, and explore this world. I want to go where no one else has gone before and find my place in this universe."

Ryouko's main power is that of teleportation by wormhole. Under normal circumstances, she has a (record-setting) maximum range of 200km - enough to get her into low Earth orbit - but as the limiting factor is her ability to warp space, much larger ranges are theoretically possible depending on the situation. A weakness of her teleportation is that she must teleport herself along with the targets.


  • The Chitose Yuma Medal, for leadership during the raid by Cephalopod fighters on the starship HSS Pierre-Simon Laplace (the medal was earned for 'Combat Leadership Exceeding Expectations of Age and Training Level')
  • The Akemi Homura Medal, for neutralizing the threat of the cloaked alien reinforcements and teleporting her unit to safety during the Second Wormhole Stabilizer Raid (the medal was earned for 'Successful Resolution of a Seemingly Hopeless Situation')



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