Joanne Valentin

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Joanne Valentin
Name Joanne Valentin (♀)
Age ~140+
Occupation Director of Prometheus Research Institute
Chemist, distinguished Physicist

Joanne Valentin is the german-born Director of Prometheus Research Institute and therefore the direct superior to Shizuki Koto and Kuroi Nakase.

It is with her permission Koto's request for installation of the next generation TacComp in his daughter Shizuki Ryouko was granted.

She is part of the Valentin family, a minor matriarchy with some Magical Girls, but no real success in climbing up in the MSY, to a degree her branch wasn't aware of the MSY's existence. After graduating as a chemist she worked in various labs, without earning much distinction. Disaffected with her work, lacking a social circle she was happy with she started seeing a psychiatrist.

After the war with the Cephalopods she claimed to have had an religious experience, prompting her to switch scientific fields, become a physicist and earn a DSc. No more apathetic to her work she distinguished herself by participating in the development of starship force fields, which was rewarded with a Nobel Prize for the principal researches (not including her).

Following that she started researching entropy, the heat death of the universe and magical girls and was the first outsider to realize the implications of the entropy gap in conjunction with magical girls. This in turn put her in the focus of the MSY's Science Division, allowing for her to mingle with their professors and be interviewed and accepted for the position of Managing Director in the Prometheus Research Institute.

She seems to be both a prestigious personality as well as very skilled manager, earning her the Oppenheimer Award.

A diligent and skilled worker, very focused on the task at hand.


  • Recipient, Oppenheimer Award for Management of a Scientific Facility Exceeding Upper-end Performance Estimates

We seek the fire of Olympus, nothing less, and an end to this tragic war.

—Joanne Valentin, DS Physics, Incoming director of Prometheus Institute, speech at rededication of the Institute


Interestingly enough, some irregularities appeared in connection to Joanne Valentin.

  • Ryouko was sure to recognize her as the person she saw when she was first attacked by demons. There might be some (very loose) connection to the Grief Cube Discrepancy if one takes the supersaturated nature of the grief cubes found close by into consideration.
  • She was present just before Tomoe Mami was about to watch a movie in disguise.
  • Based on a gut feeling and the personality of Joanne Valentin Yuma doesn't believe the claimed "religious experience" as the reason for change and suspects a Reformat.

Later it would be shown that Joanne Valentin was actually Akemi Homura, the original Joanne Valentin having a life in the colonies (with consent).