Shizuki Kuma

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Shizuki Kuma
Kuma manga.png
Name Shizuki Kuma (♂)
Age 100+
Occupation Scientist, Cellular Biology
Father of Shizuki Ryouko

Shizuki Kuma is the father of Ryouko and ex-husband to Kuroi Nakase. As a member of the Shizuki Matriarchy he had trusted NC status prior to the reveal of the MSY's existence and performs research at the Prometheus Research Institute as a cellular biologist.


Rather subdued and calm of character, he has trouble associating with children, leading to some awkwardness when dealing with his daughter, treating with and talking to her as if she was an adult. His manner of speech is exact and scientific, even more so than that of Nakase.

He has strong opinions and knows to defend them, which lead to some differences with his wife in the upbringing of their daughter. Despite this and his character he still showed occasional gestures of affection. He accepted Rouko's contracting—one point of conflict with Nakase—much more readily and, while ambivalent, is supportive of it in his own way.


He works as a cellular biologist at the Prometheus Research Institute on the same projects as his wife, who is likely higher than him in the hierarchy (though not necessarily his direct superior). He participated in the creation of the Institute's AI Darwin.

Shizuki Kuma was one of the people being assigned early on to develop better technologies to mitigate body loss in Magical Girls, leading to the clone project, which was partly spearheaded by his later wife Nakase.


Kuma is of average height and sports a very generic hairstyle. The aristocratic cheekbones of his family are not as prevalent as in his daughter, leaving him with the more detached and dreamy look he often sports.


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