Chitose Yuma

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Chitose Yuma
Yuma profile.png
Name Chitose Yuma (♀)
Kanji 千歳 ゆま
Age 458
Occupation Governance: Magical Girls
Director, MSY Governmental Affairs
Soul Gem
Nape of the neck
Soul Gem
Weapon A staff with a ball and cat's tail.
Classification Healer

Chitose Yuma (千歳 ゆま Chitose Yuma) is one of the original protagonists from Puella Magi Oriko Magica. In To the Stars, she is seen mainly as the MSY's primary representative within Governance.


Within the primary storyline of To the Stars, Yuma has been most prominently involved in the investigations into the various mysteries of the plot, such as the Grief Cube Discrepancy‏‎ or the apparently premeditated demon attack on Shizuki Ryouko. She is also seen extensively in flashbacks about the Southern Group.


Southern Group[edit]

The child of two abusive parents, Yuma and her parents are attacked by demons when she is nine, an encounter that kills both her parents. Yuma herself is saved by Mikuni Oriko and her Southern Group, who takes her in.

Yuma lives for around two years as part of the Southern Group, sticking out like a sore thumb among a group otherwise composed of the insane, psychopathic, or merely murderous. While Oriko apparently makes an effort to protect her from the influence of the rest of the group, it is not entirely effective. It is unclear how involved Yuma was involved in the atrocities committed by the group, or how much she even knew about these atrocities.

There is evidence that Yuma develops a significant attachment to Oriko, and she speaks of her with the "nee-chan" honorific even centuries later.

Yuma is the only survivor of the Southern Group's apparent demise to a group of demons. While the official account stipulates that Yuma survived on her own, and was subsequently forced to throw herself on the mercy of the Mitakihara Four (then Three), Kyouko's flashback shows that the Mitakihara Three actively saved her after the death of her former teammates, incapacitating Yuma when it became clear that she was mired in the throes of despair-induced insanity. Afterward, Yuma became the fourth member of the Mitakihara Four.

Later on, it is revealed in Chapter 44 that it was Yuma herself who orchestrated the near-eradication of the Southern Group, by use of doctored grief cubes to spawn Demons that would overwhelm the Southern Group, as well as strategically disseminating information on Oriko's visions that turned its members against each other.


Despite the others' attempts to give her a normal childhood, it becomes clear that Yuma's time as part of the Southern Group had a profound effect on her personality. Displaying an early affinity for the bribery and other tasks that were necessary to keep the MSY secret from the government, she becomes director of MSY Governmental Affairs, gaining a reputation for a Utilitarian ends-justify-the-means morality that often puts her at odds with Kyouko and Mami.

She becomes the first director of the Black Heart, serving there for an unknown period of time before returning to Governmental Affairs. She maintains a prominent position in the governments of the world, eventually managing to serve as both a committee member of the United Front Emergency Defense Committee and Governance: Public Order.

After Reveal[edit]

After the MSY's existence became known to the world at large, Yuma became the primary liaison between the MSY and the Directorate, addressing the organization on several notable occasions. Eventually, she receives the position of Governance: Magical Girls, a Directorate level Representative position. Since she is the first to hold the position, she helps design and raise the newly-created Governance: Magical Girls Advisory AI (MG for short).


Yuma exploits her ability to manipulate her body strongly, adopting a childish body soon after acquiring a Governance position, which she claims gets others off-guard. While her typical demeanor is relatively childish, especially around the other members of Mitakihara Four, it barely covers a much more calculating, thoughtful personality.

As a member of Governance, Yuma now carries very extensive neural modifications, including a Permanent Awareness Module and numerous other modules allowing her to participate in Governance's operations. At any given moment, the majority of her consciousness is devoted to attending various Governance meetings. Those meetings she does not directly attend, are attended by MG, whose consciousness she is intertwined with on a neural level. In the story, it is described as being similar to marriage.



Yuma has the ability to heal things and people. Her healing ability is strong enough to regenerate and resuscitate a recently-decapitated human. She can choose to either permanently or temporarily heal a target.

Her weapon is a hammer.



  • Governance: Magical Girls
  • MSY Rules Committee Representative, Mitakihara Special District
  • Second Executive, MSY Leadership Committee
  • Director: MSY Governmental Affairs
  • MSY Founder


  • Director, Black Heart
  • Governance: Public Order
  • Member, United Front Emergency Defense Committee




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