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MG (Governance: Magical Girls Advisory) is an AI serving as Advisor to MG representative Chitose Yuma, serving in a Human-AI pairing in their mutual duties. Unlike her AI contemporaries, MG was effectively raised by Yuma into the her current role, and considers Kyouko a family figure, conversing with her about person matters. Yuma continues to hold a motherly worry about her, one that is potentially suffocating given that she objects to MG ever having a relationship. She is later granted access to Yuma's memories surrounding the formation of the Mitakihara Four, memories which horrify the young AI, a life that Yuma wanted to protect MG from so that she'd be free of that misery. At the start the TCF breach, Yuma would make her one of the first AIs entrusted with evaluating and fixing the other AIs, while also showing increasing worry as to her condition. Yuma's investigation into the deep-space asteroid would uncover that MG was part of the talks between Governance and the Thinkers.

Age ca. 20 c 43

C 8 C 35 c 61