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Name Ruiko (♀)
Age 14
Occupation Middle school student
Childhood friend of Shizuki Ryouko

Ruiko is the second-oldest friend of Ryouko and formed with her and Chiaki their own small social clique, which Simona later joined.

Whimsical in her specialisation she often changes her focus, which was the connecting element with Ryouko, albeit compared to her she jumped from all over the various focusses available to her without settling on a single one for any significant time. Her lack of focus is also the connecting quality and point of commiseration with Ryouko. This indecisiveness also shows in her often changing hairstyles, most recently pigtails, as well as her style of clothes changing regularly and unpredictably.

While in old times she would have been of a more big-boned body type, the implants prevented any build-up of significant amounts of body fat. The impression of body type still remained, though she has no real lack of fitness, neither would there be any stigma associated.


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