Unification Wars

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A series of world wars from 2163 to 2230 between the Freedom Alliance (FA) and the United Front (UF) that devastated Earth and humanity. The war dropped population to less than half the pre-war maximum, and over 200 years later more than 25% of the planet is still uninhabitable as a result.

The FA eventually succumbed to the economic, political, and magical strengths of the UF, though the exact role the magic played in the wars is still largely secret. Like the rest of the world, the MSY split in response to the St. Petersburg Atrocity, but the vast majority of mages sided with the UF, including almost all senior leadership.

The wars' name comes from the end result, with the UF's Emergency Defense Committee (EDC) claiming rule over all of humanity. This would take the form of Governance just 10 years after the end of the final war.