Shizuki Sayaka

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Shizuki Sayaka
Shizuki Sayaka face.jpg
Name Shizuki Sayaka (♀)
Kanji 志筑 さやか
Age 400+
Occupation Magical Girl,
Director of MSY Finance and Ressource Allocation
Founder of Shizuki Matriarchy

Shizuki Sayaka is the founder of the Shizuki Matriarchy and as one of the old girls still around and active in the politics of the Mahou Shoujo Youkai.

Daughter to Kamijou Kyousuke and Shizuki Hitomi she only later adopted her mother's maiden name. Even though she wasn't a Magical Girl at the time of the MSY's founding, she soon joined and her family became one of the early financial backers. Shizuki Ryouko descended from her, nine generations down the line.

As the founder of and being backed by a powerful Matriarchy she has distinct clout and power in the MSY, in part due to her repeated leadership position in MSY Finance, as well as her success therein.

During the MSY's expansive phase, when rival organizations inspired by the very MSY cropped up, Shizuki Sayaka was a stout supporter of hostile takeovers of the rivals, be that by financial means, which she was at the time heading, or other.

The Shizuki family crest is two hands holding up a crown almost in a presenting manner.

She spends most of her time on Earth.

Her current political positions are:

  • Director of MSY Finance and Resource Allocation
  • Basic Member of MSY Leadership Committee
  • Representative for Mitakihara Special District in the MSY Rules Committee


Resembling her mother strongly, she nevertheless has a penchant for flashy dresses, explicitly so, albeit she mellowed it down over the centuries. She can be very aggressive when pursuing a goal she strongly agrees with and is aggressively defensive of her department.

Sayaka and Kuroi Kana were best friends, once, but not anymore, likely due to the latter's necessary actions as part of the Soul Guard. Sayaka is als the butt of a one-sided feud by Sakura Kyouko she can't seem to understand but suspects her mother to be the reason.