Kuroi Kana

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Kuroi Kana
Kuroi Kana.png
Name Kuroi Kana (♀)
Kanji Unknown
Age ~460
Occupation Magical Girl, Active Service
(Rank: General)
MSY Director, Black Heart. Commanding General, Black Heart
Weapon Unknown
Classification Unknown
Mentor None

The head of the powerful Kuroi Matriarchy, Kuroi Kana is the current Director of the Black Heart and a distant ancestor of Shizuki Ryouko via Kuroi Abe. She is eight generations up, by her own account.


Thus far, Kana has been seen primarily in the background, in either her role as Director of the Black Heart or bickering with Shizuki Sayaka and Sakura Kyouko, particularly with regards to gaining influence over Ryouko, presumably with the intent of pulling her fully into the matriarchy.

Kana appears to keep careful tabs on every branch of her family, and feels it keenly when one of her descendants dies in the failed raid on the Wormhole Stabilizer in the Kepler-37 System.


Kana was one of the MSY Founders, and one of the five representatives to sign the original MSY Charter. A member of the University Area Group, it is possible that she was once a university student. Her group ran a food stand at the University to raise money, and she was personally one of the more enthusiastic about Akemi Homura's future ideas for MSY Business, raising the possibility that she was heavily involved in the early stages.

Later on, she became the first Director of MSY Science Division, eventually rotating through a multitude of roles before settling into her current position as Director of the Black Heart. Marrying and having children at some point, she founded the Kuroi Matriarchy. Her husband is presumed dead, and it is unknown if she remarried.


As a youth, she wore glasses despite not needing them and maintained short hair, giving off a bit of an intellectual air. Never particularly attractive, she has never seemed to mind, and never expended to effort to remodel her face, as some others have. She eventually abandoned her glasses and grew out her hair.

Despite her teenage appearance, she gives off the air of an eccentric old lady, likely an intentional mannerism on her part. She can also seem detached or bored on occasion, but like everyone her age, is capable of invoking a staggering amount of willpower. She seems to place a large amount of importance on the welfare of her extended family, holding a place in her heart for even the most distant descendants.



  • General, Army
  • Commanding General, Black Heart
  • MSY Director, Black Heart
  • MSY Rules Committee Representative, Mitakihara Special District
  • Basic Member, MSY Leadership Committee
  • MSY Founder


  • Director, MSY Science Division



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