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"It is oppressive for someone like me, gifted with future‐sight, to be incapable of divining my own future. But that's just how it is right now. I should be able to see it, but I can't. Not now, not ever. I can't see past the eternal veil. I don't know what happens to me after my death. Can it truly be nothing?"

Mikuni Oriko
Name Mikuni Oriko (♀)
Kanji 美国 織莉子
Occupation Magical Girl, Southern Group
suspected to be clinically insane
Soul Gem
Base of the neck
Soul Gem
Weapon Spheres, telekinetically directed
Classification Precognition

Mikuni Oriko was the leader of the Southern Group and prior to that enemy to the Tomoe Mami and Sakura Kyouko by association.

Daughter of a ruined and corrupt politician she spent the time directly after contracting tracking down and exposing her father's associates. Her focus of vengeance soon expanded to criminals of all sorts and perpetrator of the smallest misdemeanour, slipping further into insanity, albeit keeping some semblance of grip in contrast to her later associates.

That was the time she started working together with Kure Kirika in targeting Mami and Kyouko and making their life hell, constantly prodding into their territory and poaching their demon kills. Soon after Miroko Mikuru and Hinata Aina joined the two, forming the Southern Group and thus escalating the conflict with the Mitakihara Four.

She introduced Chitose Yuma, newly contracted, as a fifth member into the group and mentored her.

Of the four of the original group, Mikuni Oriko was the sanest, which is not as hard as it may seem, and also the mastermind behind the groups formation and operation. In this role she was the James Moriarty befitting of Akemi Homura's Sherlock Holmes. The somewhat random incursions grew concerted, as did the killings of magical girls. The murders and inefficient grief cube harvesting led to the Incubators regretting Oriko's recruitment. The Southern Group's activities only stopped when they were nearly completely exterminated by demons, with Yuma the only survivor. Unbeknownst to the public, it was Yuma who orchestrated the fall of the Southern Group; this fact is known only by the Mitakihara Four and Shizuki Ryouko. Oriko, who shattered her own gem, caused Yuma to go into a guilt-ridden, self-destructive state. Mami, Kyouko, and Akemi Homura would then save Yuma.

As an historical figure she is rather ambiguous – especially considering her power. It is questionable if all of her actions were truly random and unjustified murder of innocent people or of she mayhaps used her power to weed out detrimental futures. The recruitment of Yuma, who did not really match the deranged psychological make-up of the rest of the group, makes for conjecture on Oriko's reasoning.

When the Goddess sent Oriko to meet Mami, Oriko apologized for her actions, regretting how she wasted her life.

Costume and Abilites[edit]

Oriko wore a white costume.

She was able to transmit her prescient knowledge telepathically, greatly increasing the combat effectiveness of her group. It is assumed she was the most powerful precog of her generation, and incidentally also the last. Even then, when she was at the brink of her own death, she could only perceive darkness when trying to pierce the veil of death.