Hinata Aina

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Hinata Aina
Hinata Aina.jpg
Name Hinata Aina (♀)
Occupation Magical Girl, Southern Group
Suspected to be clinically insane
Soul Gem
Weapon Blood-red scepter
Classification Elemental manipulation: Fire

Hinata Aina, also known as Hinata the Scarlet and Hinata the Insane, was a member of the Southern Group and as such hunted both demons and fellow magical girls—with only very few exceptions—indiscriminately. Taking manic glee in destruction and violence, she followed a philosophy of "cleansing by fire", though it is questionable in how far this view was merely a justification for her morally skewed actions.

Parts of her psychological background may be attributed to being the survivor of a murder-arson. Nevertheless she started out as a vigilante, starting to kill criminals for increasingly little infringements until she was incorporated into the Southern Group and subsequently reigned in in a manner by the leader of the group, Mikuni Oriko. This focused her violent tendencies on magical girls, attacking nearly every one on sight.

Hinata was always quick to anger and eager to fight, which leaves the method or arguments employed by Oriko still a mystery.

She fell to an overwhelming force of demons in the fight the Southern Group was factually wiped out in., though the specific circumstances are unknown.

Costume and Abilities[edit]

Colloquially a fire mage, she wore a fitting deeper scarlet costume than Sakura Kyouko. She had an elemental affinity for fire which allowed her quite interesting feats, such as fire-propelled flight by giving herself "rocket boots" or summoning prodigious amounts of flames.