Kugimiya Ito

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Kugimiya Ito
Name Kugimiya Ito (♂)
Age born 2034±1
Occupation police inspector
Area of expertise: Missing children
Investigated MSY

Kugimiya Ito was a police inspector in the 21st century in Japan with a speciality in missing children. Unbeknownst to him he was a beneficiary of a Wish by Nakanishi Aiko, healing his recalcitrant kind of leukaemia.

Due to clandestine nature of the MSY and Magical Girls at the time Aiko left Ito with barely a note, which in turn lead him to pursue a career at the police, investigating cases of missing children. During the course of his work he became and also was made aware of some irregularities in organized crime, which traditionally had some hand in kidnapping teenage girls for prostitution.

Not willing to step down down a confrontation at the cusp of his investigation and with Aiko, then already part of the MSY, unwilling to force the issue to a troublesome end, he was introduced to the MSY and able to refresh his relationship with high school sweetheart Nakanishi Aiko, leading to a marriage in 2067.

He is a distant ancestor to Kugimiya Hiro.

Since he lived prior to the Unification wars and the clinical immortality of later centuries, he can be assumed as deceased.


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