Atsuko Arisu

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Atsuko Arisu
Name Atsuko Arisu (♀)
Occupation Magical Girl, MHD

great-great-Grandmother of Shizuki Ryouko

Classification Telepath, Clairvoyant

Atsuko Arisu is a Magical Girl specializing in the psychological department of the MHD.

Especially the very old among the magical girl populace are her area of expertise, among them the Mitakihara Four, giving her a lot of inside information. This potential of disaster is countermanded by her very strong sense of professional work ethics, making her a trustworthy confidante.

Albeit she served stints as the MHD director she is currently only a psychiatrist.

She takes some pleasure in often enough being the outwardly only adult in the room.

The one surprise session she had with Akemi Homura led to her fleeing the room crying after being fed some of Akemi's more bleak memories not "cosmically censored".


In contrast to many other magical girls Arisu maintains a physical age in her twenties. Her hair is shoulder length and kept in a matronly style.