Kuroi Nana

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Kuroi Nana
Nana manga.png
Name Kuroi Nana (♀)
Kanji Unknown
Age 127
Occupation Magical Girl, Active Service
(Rank: Colonel)
Older sister of Kuroi Nakase
Maternal aunt to Shizuki Ryouko
Weapon Composite bow
Classification Misc.
Mentor Akemi Homura (primary)

Kuroi Abe’s elder daughter, who contracted to reverse her sister’s contract, after her sister lost her body trying to save her. The MSY MHD’s refusal to let her tell the truth to her mother bred an atmosphere of distrust which led to her moving far away. Eventually, she obtained an Internal Security job as a MSY inspector of unsupported colonies, which she used as an excuse to cut ties with her family, a decision she regretted later, after obtaining more maturity. Afterward, she reestablished ties with her father and sister, but not with her mother, who continued to think her gone. Her attempts to reestablish contact after the advent of the Contact War would help to precipitate her mother’s falling out with the family and enlistment in the military. She was originally mentored by Akemi Homura, which likely explains why she was assigned to head the division’s twenty year search for the MSY’s missing First Executive.

Despite everything, appears to be on good terms with her younger sister and father. Her MG costume is similar to Ryouko's, and she wields a composite bow, with a six-pointed star at the base of her throat. Her costume is, however, purple.


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