Ryouko's Grandmother

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Ryouko's Grandmother
Name Ryouko's Grandmother (♀)
Age ~300 (deceased)
Occupation Military – Army
Rank: Captain
Maternal grandmother of Shizuki Ryouko

Ryouko's grandmother is the mother of Kuroi Nana and Nakase, the latter being Ryouko's mother.

Not much is known about her, except that she had a major falling-out with both her husband and her daughters when Ryouko was about three years old. This was in large part due to her husband and daughters' necessity to conceal and not talk about Nana's Magical Girl status. Unusually, the medical branch of the MSY, the MHD, decided against granting Ryouko's grandmother trusted NC status for various reasons, among them that her very mother had been killed on a MSY mission herself, leaving the daughter with a traumatic experience. This, paired with the awareness of her daughter lying about something consistently, poisoned their relationship. When Nana seemed to vanish, not answering her mother's calls, she cried and moved on.

It can be inferred that in the decade after the Battle of Epsilon Eridani, revealing the existence of magical girls and the MSY to the general public, Ryouko's grandmother was able to put the pieces of her mother's early and sudden death as well as the absences and later disappearance of her daughter Nana together, leaving her with resentment at the whole charade and situation forced upon her decades ago.

Incidentally, this probably led her to try to conceal the existence of Nana to her granddaughter in the hopes of preventing her from contracting.

She left her husband Kuroi Abe, undivorced, her other daughter Nakase and her husband as well as her toddling granddaughter behind and joined the military.

Though it took some time, she reopened contact with Nana once more and was sorry for distrusting her, trying to regain a semblance of a normal relationship with her.

She was stationed in the garrison on one of the Gemini shipyards. During the Kepler-37 Offensive, she led her squad into a warehouse taken over by Cephalopods and died in battle. Her death greatly affected Kuroi Abe.


  • Ryouko's Grandmother's name is in fact Kaname Madoka (Jr.). The name was suggested by her own grandfather, Kaname Tatsuya.