Sacnite Tafani

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Sacnite Tafani
Sacnite face.png
Name Sacnite Tafani (♀)
Age 4 (chronologically)
8 (appearance)
Adoptive Daughter of Kuroi Nakase
Classification Clairvoyance Suppression

Sacnite Tafani is a young magical girl discovered on X-25. She was created as a clone by the ''Ordo Illustrata'' and in reality is likely only a few years old with implanted memories. After being rescued by Shizuki Ryouko and others during the raid on X-25, she attempts to adjust to the discovery of her true nature as well as life under Governance and the MSY.


Sacnite's existence is first encountered during the earlier parts of the raid, as the underground structures discovered by Miki (Probe OBv4r1n3) were difficult to observe by the clairvoyants, leading them to suspect that at least 1 magical girl was present capable of such a feat. Kyouko would lead a squad that would slowly uncover the depravity of the Ordo Illustrata and of the forces they had been fighting. Eventually they would reach to a room above the interfering magical girl, with Meiqing and Asami detecting a mysterious absence, something simply wrong with the rock formations. They'd break apart the rocks to check, only to discover a full-on stealth device concealing a fission nuclear weapon, disabling it immediately thereafter. The clairvoyance suppression dropped that moment, a new telepathic voice cried for help, with Ryouko immediately bringing the squad into the room. While the rest of the squad disabled the defenses, Ryouko, Xochi, and Marianne attended to the new voice under stealth, finding her robed-form collapsed on a prayer rug, her soul gem nearly corrupted. Her soul gem retrieved and now clearing, she'd awaken in spasms, with Marianne stating that her suicide module had activated. The new girl was suprised at her survival, that her own soul gem made her immune to such methods, horrified at the lies she'd been led to believe by the cult leader, that she could have disobeyed. Marianne pressed for details on the captured children of the colony, with the recounting that they'd be on the other side of the planet and underground, that much she had managed once to read from Grigori's mind. She states that she had also been setup as bait, hoping to ensnare any squad underground where the nuclear device would destroy kill them, with trigger being the girl's own death. With the guards in the room largely captured, Gracia arrived to interrogate. Ryouko has a moment to take the girl's name, Sacnite Tafani, "White Flower", with her retaining the implanted memory of the parents naming her so. Ryouko tries her best to comfort her, but cannot stand Gracia's methods, with her walking away before the interrogation begins.

Following her safe capture and "interrogation", she was brought onto the cruiser Hammurabi for MHD care, with Ryouko, Asami, and Meiqing coming over in hopes of visiting her. They were suprised to even be permitted this visit and of Azrael's presence, who had been brought due to her experience in another "rogue colony". She would inform them that their visit would be shot for propaganda under orders, though their sympathy was not to be faked. Sacnite's minder called for them to enter and leaving them to their visit, with Sacnite amused by smartblock furniture scampering about. The visitors did their best to carefully inquire about the state of things, Sacnite thanking Ryouko for her apparently saving them both, that she had a chance to live on even if she often wished to end it all. Azrael encouraged her to remember her better memories, but Sacnite would lament in anger that they were all implanted, all fabricated, and she can no longer even hold onto those falsehoods, while dearly missing a mother that never existed. Ryouko does her best to comfort her, "It's okay to miss her, but we have to focus on making new memories together," with a tearful Sacnite taking it as a sign of further things: "You mean it?". Ryouko answers "Of course I do!", Sacnite much happier thereafter and with Azrael catching an implication.

Sacnite would later be encountered on Eurydome in the company of Kuroi Nana and Kuroi Nakase, with Asami and Meiqing visiting to attend to Ryouko's resurrection. Asami would remark that "...the decision had been reached that Sacnite would travel with them for now, for reasons they hadn't deigned to explain to her." (42) Nana noted that despite the best treatment of the MHD, her implanted memories begin to fade, "they won't seem like real memories at all, but a movie that happened to someone else". Sacnite continued her stay with Nakase and Nana, even attending Ryouko's resurrection, though the revived girl would be suprised by Sacnite's smaller stature and voice, with Nakase explaining that her physical age had been lowered to suit her actual mental development. Ryouko was also confused by her presence, with Sacnite believing it be under doctor's orders, "...the doctors said it'd be good for me to spend time with some of you, since I don't really know anyone else…", Nakase stressing that she'll stay under her care for the moment.


Sacnite was born and raised by the Ordo Illustrata in hopes of manufacturing (or at least inducing the creation of) magical girls.

Incubator Kyubey would later reveal to Task Force Rhamnusia that Incubators held an interest in the cult's methods, but did allow Sacnite's wish to occur, thus bringing the raid upon the colony.


Described with "dark brown skin"


Ryouko initially estimates her outwards age at 11 or 12 years old, though she later reduces her estimate to 4 years old chronologically after discovering the sheer extent of the memory implantation and manipulation done to her. Following her adoption, her outwards age has been modified to "eight‐and‐a‐half" by the MHD for the sake of her mental development.

Sacnite has been adopted into household of Kuroi Nakase, making up for the now fading implanted memories of her parents on the colony. Her initial ties to Ryouko were possibly incidental, an clumsy attempt by Ryouko to assure her of a better future (as noted by Clarisse), but she's since been readily accepted by the family.