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""There are, of course, veteran units with experience in colonial interventions," [[[Mami]]] said. "Task Force Rhamnusia, in particular, is specialized for this task. We will include them, but we do not believe they have sufficient force to rapidly sweep an underground fortification against resistance, if it comes to that, especially given their lack of training in underground operations. Therefore, Command seeks to assign additional forces, whatever the risk to operational secrecy.""
"〈The military's saving grace, at least in terms of experienced personnel and field testing, was its classified rogue colony task forces, the most prominent of which was Task Force Rhamnusia. Their prewar operations had presented priceless opportunities to iterate on various tactics, equipment, and ship designs, and while the soldiers themselves were hardly trained for fighting aliens, the veterans proved crucial in the desperate battles and mobilization of the early war years.〉③"