Yasuhiro Rin

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Yasuhiro Rin
Name Yasuhiro Rin (♀)
Age ~460
Occupation Magical Girl
MSY Founder

Yasuhiro Rin is an MSY Founder and additionally one of the five signatures on the MSY Original Charter, 2021. Yasuhiro signed the charter on behalf of the West Kazamino Three. Rin was one of the MSY's more colorful characters, who had a history of spurning the MSY for her own pursuits, occasionally to the point of faking her own death. Indeed, she might have been assigned to find Homura when she disappeared—if Rin hadn't disappeared herself at the same time, after having fought valorously at New Athens.

Being picked by Chitose Yuma, alongside her wife Jeannette Smith, to participate in Yuma's operation to counter a conspiracy within Governance and the Trusted Computing Framework. The couples long-eccentric history, giving Yuma a good sense of their morale compass, deeming them incorruptible.

The research and development of the Spinal Node Tactical Advisor (TacComp) was assigned to the secretly MSY-owned, and presumably named after the Founder, Yasuhiro Conglemerate during the Unification Wars.


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