Shizuki Elanis

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Shizuki Elanis
Name Shizuki Elanis (♀)
Age ?
Occupation Magical Girl, Bodyguard
Other bodyguard to Ryouko
("joint security" with Kuroi Eri)
Soul Gem
Classification ?

Shizuki Elanis is a security professional and a member of the Shizuki Matriarchy, having been assigned the task of bodyguard to one Shizuki Ryouko. Charged with the high task of protecting a girl at the center of destiny, Shizuki Elanis tries to put her differences aside when it comes to the Kuroi Matriarchy and the bodyguard they've sent, Kuroi Eri, in hopes of not losing a great asset to both their families. With a seemingly shorter temper than Eri, they telepathically argue incessantly over juristictions over their duties, though come to some bizarre mutual respect later on. It is implied they're sexually involved by the time of Nakihara Asami's and Ryouko's first visit to Adept Blue. Asami holds some doubt as to their abilities, given their lack of combat experience and their lack of specialization, but would eventually grow to appreciate their presence after Ryouko's disappearance from the galaxy, with the bodyguards now attending to Asami.