Nakajima Emiri

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Nakajima Emiri
Name Nakajima Emiri (♀)
Age >230
Occupation Unknown (current)
Leader of local demon-hunting team (previous, early 24th century)

Nakajima Emiri was the leader of the team to which first Kuroi Nakase, then Kuroi Nana, had been originally assigned to. Her theme color is yellow.

Emiri was shown to be laconic seeming most of the time, and listless when she had nothing to do, but still containing the spine of steel common to most of the truly old. She appears to to favor textbook approaches. Emiri was described as a "career demon hunter" and she seems to be proud of it.

Being at least a century old, living through at least a part of the Unification Wars (during which it is implied she lost a lover), Emiri was the oldest of her group during its time. She was decidedly self-conscious and defensive about this fact, which "drove estimates of it sky-high". She is not, however, quite old enough to let go of a slight hero-worship Akemi Homura, and likely the other MSY Founders as well.


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