Vladimir Volokhov

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Vladimir Volokhov
Name Vladimir Volokhov (♂)
Age N/A (deceased)
Occupation Computer Scientist
Father of Friendly AI

Vladimir Volokhov was an AI researcher in the mid-22nd century. In the wake of the Pretoria Scandal, and with the help of his artificial research assistant Laplace and (without his knowledge) a young girl's wish, he discovered how to mathematically represent and prove the intentions of a machine intelligence. His work netted him a Turing Award in 2146, and paved the way for the ubiquity of AI in modern human civilization.

Other works bearing his name include:

  • The Volokhov Criterion - the requirement that all human Governance Representatives be capable of functioning without their networked enhancements.
  • Volokhov Analysis - a means of proving whether a particular machine intelligence is sentient, and whether it has a morality compatible with humanity.


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