Karina Schei

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Karina Schei
Name Karina Schei (♀)
Age Unknown
Occupation Army, Active Service
Tomoe Mami's bodyguard
Weapon Axe
Classification Barrier generator
Tomoe Mami

Karina Schei is one of Mami's two assigned bodyguards, the other being Shen Xiao Long.

Karina is classically blond and blue-eyed and of likely Norwegian descent. She, like both Mami and Xiao Long, has an impressively large chest, especially for her apparent age. When the three of them are together, the effect is enough to draw stares from those not used to their presence.

Between her and Xiao Long, Karina appears to be the more outgoing and jocular.

Karina’s theme color is green. Her family lives in a colony named, imaginatively enough, Nova Roma.


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