Chiyo Rika

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Chiyo Rika
Name Chiyo Rika (♀)
Age ~460
Occupation Magical Girl
MSY Founder
Classification Teleporter

Chiyo Rika is an MSY Founder and additionally one of the original five signatures on the MSY Original Charter, 2021. Chiyo signed the charter on behalf of the Northern Group. Served as Speaker of the Rules Committee during Interlude III: Manifest Destiny, 2070. As the Unification Wars came to an end, she took part of the subsequent effort to separate MSY officials and the media, eventually resigning from her position in the organization to become a full-time reporter, as seen in Chapter 66: Aftershocks.

Possible ancestor of Chiyo Noriko, the MHD psychiatrist who supervised the meeting between Shizuki Ryouko and her grandfather, Kuroi Abe, after the latter suffered serious injury during an alien raid.


Interlude III: Manifest Destiny

Chapter 66: Aftershocks