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At the top level, the MSY is organized around two main ruling committees, the Rules Committee and the Leadership Committee, which form the Legislature and Executive, respectively. The Rules Committee was brought into being with the major Charter modification of 2059. That stipulated, among many other things, that the legislative power of the MSY was to be placed with the Rules Committee.

The Rules Committee is a unicameral hybrid legislature, mostly regional in nature, but also somewhat parliamentarian. Both Earth and its colonies are delineated into geographical districts, each of which elects a slate of Representatives every two years. While districts are drawn to represent roughly equal member populations, the number of Representatives in each district is adjusted every two years to reflect actual member numbers.

While the Rules Committee operates like a standard legislature, it is unusually collegial and consensus-driven, with a majority of decisions taken by unanimous consent, reflective of the organization’s roots. The regional nature of the Rules Committee is an artifact of the period of MSY global expansion, during which, for cultural and political reasons, the MSY was obliged to decentralize power to a diffuse, federal structure. While most power was recentralized during the Unification War period, the MSY’s once prominent regional character is evident in many aspects of its organization.

Standing in stark contrast to the Leadership Committee, which only consists of 30 members, the Rules Committee is made up of nearly 500 members.

Meeting Room

Being built by direction of Tomoe Mami at the height of the pre-Unification Wars era, where no one would have batted an eyelash at such an ostentatious hyperclass palace, even on top of a skyscraper in Mitakihara. The physical Rules Committee is the symbolic seat of MSY legislative power. The atrium of the Rules Committee is surrounded by a circular colonnade and with numerous statues of famous and powerful magical girls placed around the room. The floor of the room being black marble meant to resemble the black night. This room is called the Gallery of Law.

There is also the Rules Committee plenary chamber, being primarily a ceremonial structure. The size of a large auditorium, it had difficulty seating even the key members of every political faction, much less the plethora of Rules Committee members. Even at the time of construction, it had been meant only as a place for key speeches, a place for Executives or the leadership to symbolically address the entire body, waiting just behind the curtain of the virtual world. As such, it was designed for appearance rather than function, the ceiling painted with key moments in MSY history, the walls carved with depictions of various magical girls, all in the middle of making a wish, but all looking directly at the podium. With the intention of filling the speaker with the sense that she had responsibility.


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