Lyubov Feodorovich

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Lyubov Feodorovich
Name Lyubov Feodorovich (♀)
Occupation Army,
Rank: Fleet Admiral
Member of General Staff
General Staff, Tomoe Mami

Fleet Admiral Lyubov Feodorovich is a member of the General Staff and currently deployed in the Euphratic Sector under the command of Tomoe Mami.

In the strategic plans she was conservative, keeping her forces on a defensive position albeit she would have been supposedly able to cut a salient of enemy forces off. She rather chose to fortify and prepare for a possible offensive expected of a salient. This makes her often miss the General Staff appointments.

She is raven-haired with steely eyes, in conjunction with her reaction to the failed first sabotage mission at the wormhole generator implying an unyielding character.