Akiyama Akari

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Akiyama Akari
Name Akiyama Akari (♀)
Age ~50
Occupation Charity worker (??)
MHD member (??)
Soul Guard member (?? - 2067)
Physicist (2068-2071)
Soul Gem
Soul Gem
Weapon None
Classification Soul Mage

Akiyama Akari was a Magical Girl, member of the rare Soul Mage class, researcher of the energetical aspects of magic use, and girlfriend to Tomoe Mami.

They became enamored as Akari used her magic to lift the love spell that Choi Seoyun had casted upon Mami and to transfer it to herself, but afterwards they voluntarily developed a romantic relationship. She then became Mami's mentor on telepathy, which made their bond even tighter.

As a researcher of "fundamental topics like corruption, the soul-body link, the despair spiral", she carried on the scientific work of Mikuni Oriko. She was a direct subordinate of the then head of the Science Division of the MSY, Chitose Yuma, but she had relative autonomy as to the topics of her studies. Her subordinates included Sadachi Shiori and other Magical Girls.

She died in a plane crash caused by a terrorist attack targeting Mami. It was orchestrated by a stray group of North Korean Magical Girls that were dissatisfied with the advance of the MSY over their territory. As the power of her Soul Gem ran out, she and Mami were in close telepathic communication, which allowed Mami to witness firsthand the decay of a Soul Gem and so gain great insight into the working of the Law of Cycles. Her wish was "I just want to make a difference. I wish to. All of this, all of our suffering, all our experiences. It must all be worth it.", and so it was fulfilled at the moment of her death.


Chapter 50: Sub Rosa

Interlude III: Manifest Destiny