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Name RPCharacterbox
Age {{{age}}}
Occupation {{{occupation}}}

|name= English name (Optional - this will default to pagename if erased)
|image= Image name (don't forget the extension, .jpg, .png, etc.) (Optional)
|ctheme = Color theme (as text) (optional)
|cthemehex = Color theme (as hex, including #) (optional, requires a ctheme)
|gender= Gender, either m or f, case-sensitive 
         (Optional - only really meant for people with androgynous names)
|status= Usually either Player Character or NPC (optional)
|age= Age
|occupation= Occupation
|special= Special comments that might not fit in Occupation, put None if none.
|weapon= Weapon (Optional)
|ptheme= Power theme (optional)
|allies= Alliances (optional)
|player= Player (optional)