Sylvie Aldana

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This article is from a spinoff work from To the Stars. Although it is set in the same setting, it should not be considered canon.
Sylvie Aldana
Name Sylvie Aldana (♀)
Age 14
Status Player Character
Occupation Magical Girl/High School student
Color theme
Weapon Trident & nets
Alliances Catrina Fontaine
Player 75% Certain

Sylvie Aldana is a character in the spinoff RP, Soul Ascendancy.


Very slight, she still maintains the appearance of someone who's been wheelchair-bound for two years. This is part of her 'crippled girl' charade, and she's made a point of generating what physical enhancements she can without giving her current state of activity away. Her hair is a pleasant aquamarine shade, matching her magical theme color, and she keeps it in a long and simple style.

A wheelchair isn't conducive to wearing skirts, so she's given up that element of her wardrobe in favor of shorts for her day-to-day life. That change carried over to her costume, which is most certainly neither a skirt nor a dress; rather, It's a two-piece gray-blue outfit with a white belt-like element and aquamarine fishnet designs forming a diamond-like pattern along the torso, snug to her form. The neckline plunges noticeably (but not dangerously) and the sleeves flare outward and end halfway down her lower arm. The netting on the arms falls away from the costume as it moves away from the torso, hanging loosely at the end. The shorts stay tight until mid-thigh, whereupon it's fishnets only down to the white boots.


Taciturn and aloof. She doesn't have many friends nor does she try to make them (although her personality and status as the cute girl in the wheelchair have won her some admirers nonetheless). She takes her commitments seriously and doesn't quit at something she's started. She hates cute and fluffy things, including stuffed animals and frilly dresses. The one exception is her housecat, Weberweise. She can be found listening to opera more often than not, and was quite familiar with the story of Faust prior to her contract. Sylvie is also something of a hedonist, although that side of her personality rarely emerges. She views things (and people) around her in terms of function and benefit, without paying much heed to the idea of intrinsic value. It's incorrect to say that she's amoral, but she does look at things from a different perspective than most people.


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