Rhys Vanna Cooper

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This article is from a spinoff work from To the Stars. Although it is set in the same setting, it should not be considered canon.
Rhys Vanna Cooper
Name Rhys Vanna Cooper (♀)
Age 16
Status Player Character
Occupation Magical Girl/High School student
Color theme
Weapon Pilum & halberd
Power Theme Distance
Player tradredav

Rhys Vanna Cooper is a character in the spinoff RP, Soul Ascendancy.


Rhys has lightly-curly strawberry-blonde hair that falls to her shoulder blades when loose, and bright blue eyes.

When transformed, Rhys wears a sleeveless, embossed leather-esque dress the color of brass. It's not easy to make out what the designs are (they are not colored), but on her back (which is also usually covered--see below), there is a minimalist representation of eagle wings. The skirt portion of the dress reaches nearly to her knees, and has the aesthetic of overlapping strips, but is actually all connected. The hem of the skirt is weighted with (actual) brass rivets. On her feet, she wears caligae. Over her shoulders, she wears a sort of asymmetric half-cape shawl that (when standing at neutral) covers more of her left arm than her right. It is gathered and connected to her dress at the upper-right of her chest; the brooch contains her soul gem. Her hair is kept out of her face with a hairband, but is otherwise loose.

"Poor Rhys."



Meeting Rhys is probably a decently pleasant experience. She's personable and charming, and has one of those countenances that makes people want to tell her all their dark, dirty secrets. However, while she commonly demonstrates her willingness to be friendly, if anyone tried to engage her on more than a surface level--if anyone started to actually tell her all those dark, dirty secrets--they would discover that she will shy away from being friends. Chatting with another Magical Girl should they happen to cross paths? Sure! Inviting even her favorite fellow Magical Girl to hang out in the afternoon? Not happening--though there is certainly a part of her that wants, desperately, to do just that.

Then there's her protectiveness to consider. Any perceived threat to her territory will be met with an uptick in defensiveness, and her priorities become clear: She cares more about maintaining her territory than she does about maintaining friendliness. Because of this, and because as a newbie Magical Girl she was very jumpy about threats, her relations are worst with those girls whose territories immediately border her own. "Worst" in this case means "somewhat cool professionalism," but that's still a far cry from the more casual, friendly professionalism that Rhys maintains with the Magical Girls who patrol the area around her home.


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