Marianne François

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Marianne François
Name Marianne François (♀)
Occupation Magical Girl, Black Heart
(Rank: Lieutenant General)
Weapon Entangling strings
Classification Clairvoyant
Tomoe Mami

Marianne François is a Magical Girl Black Heart operative from France.

Marianne is the Intelligence officer for Tomoe Mami and currently investigating the Grief Cube Discrepancy on her order.

She'd prefer to be called by her given name, Marianne, by Mami.

She is mother to Juliet Francois and was devastated by her death during the Second Wormhole Mission, dearly regretting not pressuring her to find some safer work. She was also deeply hurt by Mami's absence at Juliet's funeral despite her death being under Mami's command. Marianne did not share her daughter's interest in the Goddess.

Costume and Abilites[edit]

She is a clairvoyant, and employs strings as a weapon with which she can entangle targets.