Julian Bradshaw

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Julian Bradshaw
Name Julian Bradshaw (♂)
Age 100+
Occupation Historian
Trusted NC status

Julian Bradshaw is a prominent MSY historian who has written several popular and scholarly accounts about the organization. He is Clarisse van Rossum's most notable protege and sponsored Trusted NC, and often works with her in close concert, as she is both the historian of the MSY as well as a contemporary witness for large parts of his research.

Due to his academic credentials, as well as his awareness of and integration into the MSY prior to the reveal of their existence, he acts as a liaison between magical girls and much of academia. A series of academic and popular works, including the acclaimed "Mahou Shoujo: Their World, Their History" have made him both popular and trusted enough to carry out his roles. However, being deeply enmeshed with the MSY, his view is that of an insider, with both the strengths and weaknesses that implies.


As a young man, he was taken in as a trainee by Clarisse van Rossum, in one of her public aliases as a noted historian. In exchange for secrecy, he was later granted Trusted NC status, and spent much of his career working in relative obscurity, with regards to the world outside the MSY. The advent of the Contact War and the revelation of the MSY's existence allowed him to take on a much more prominent role outside the organization.


  • Mahou Shoujo: Their World, Their History
    • Clearances required for reading: 0-4
  • Mahou Shoujo: Guild, Government, and Matriarchy
    • Clearances required for reading: 0-4


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