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  • IIC refers to superluminal communication, for superluminal motion see FTL

The Instantaneous Interstellar Communication Relay network (IIC) is the framework that Governance uses to transmit information with no delay between emission and reception.

Long thought to be beyond mankind's reach, even if theoretically possible, it was achieved sometime between the First and the Second Colonization Wave, through the use of wormholes. Aside from its esoteric inner workings, the logistics of maintaining IIC are pretty similar to that of traditional means of communication, namely:

  1. Each connection is point‐to‐point.
  2. The bandwidth of each connection is bounded by the limits of current photonic transmission technology.
  3. The farther the physical distance a connection traverses, the more energy it costs to maintain.
  4. New connections can only be established from very close distances. (about 7000 km with current technology, more in deep space)