Helena Waters

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This article is from a spinoff work from To the Stars. Although it is set in the same setting, it should not be considered canon.
Helena Waters
Name Helena Waters (♀)
Age 18
Status Player Character
Occupation Magical Girl/High School student
Color theme
Dark Blue
Weapon Voulge
Player Sideral

Helena Waters is a character in the spinoff RP, Soul Ascendancy.


Helena has long, waist-length straight black hair and light blue eyes that have been described as warm and kind by her friends and cold as ice by the few people who managed to antagonize her. She has an air of maturity and elegance which, together with her innate politeness, results in her often being described as ladylike. Of average weight and build and possessing a nice figure, she has been asked out more than once, but she has always refused so far, to the point that no one is actually sure of her orientation.

When she transforms Helena wears a black waistcoat-like sleevelees dress (with a blue neck-tie), the skirt part of which goes down to her knees, over a white ornate dress shirt and black tights. Over the dress she wears an open midnight blue tailcoat. Her long hair is tied at the end by a blue ribbon so it doesn't get in the way.


Helena Waters was an ordinary high school girl. Sure her parents seemed to have quite a bit more money than their jobs would suggest, but that just meant they were just good at saving money, right? It's a cold winter night when her world is turned upside down. Her family is attacked by what seems to be a group of thugs, but is clearly too organized, too coordinated to be a street gang. The family barely manages to escape, thanks in part to Helena's father who had a gun with him (didn't he hate violence?) but does not alert authorities. When she questions her parents about everything that's happened, they decide to tell her the truth: his father was the leader of a small but relevant criminal group of the East Coast, who decided to "retire" and settle in Seattle after meeting her mother (who was also part of the organization). Unfortunately it seems that there's still some "unfinished business"... Helena, having grown learning to appreciate laws and ghenerally being a good person, is horrified by this discovery, but is even more horrified by the prospect of her family being in danger again. It's after a week of sleepless nights and costant paranoia that Kyubey finds her, and grants her wish:

"I want the power to keep my family safe"

(Why didn't she just wish for her family to be safe, you say? There's a reason for that. A tiny, little part of her, buried deep in her mind, which she refuses to acknowledge, wants her family to be brought to justice for what they have done...)


Before her wish, Helena was your typical brilliant but lazy girl who did well in school without much effort and used her vast amounts of free time to nag out with her less studious friends. She was also very much an idealist, doing her best to help people who had problems with homework (or with their love life, their cell phones, or the last level of a videogame). It's no surprise that she didn't react well to her parent's revelation about their life and her new life as a magical girl. Now she's much more reserved, a bit less patient, and much more cyinical. She also has less friends because she spends a considerable part of her "free time" hunting demons. Despite everything, she still clings to her ideals, because "it's not Utopia that's important, but the journey to get there". She also still loves her parents, and despite feeling betrayed by them, and despising both them for what they have done, and herself for keeping their past activities secret, she's still determined to defend them, because they're everything she has. With her idealistic outlook on life, it would be only natural if Helena took the role of a Vigilante, but in reality, her actions in that sense are very limited, indirect, and restricted to critical cases. There are three main reasons for this: first, she doesn't want to attract attention to herself or (especially) her family; second, she really doesn't like to harm people, and third, considering her family background and her own actions, she doesn't consider herself "worthy" of the task.


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