Miroko Mikuru

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Miroko Mikuru
Name Miroko Mikuru (♀)
Occupation Magical Girl, Southern Group
Suspected to be clinically insane
Classification Elemental manipulation: Ice

Miroko Mikuru was part of the Southern Group led by Mikuni Oriko.

She only later joined Oriko and Kirika about the same time Hinata Aina did.

She was a victim of rape, which may have led to her functional insanity as well as her mad telepathic mutterings to herself. Following her contract she took vengeance upon her perpetrators and soon other criminals. With the formation of the Southern Group her murderous focus shifted towards magical girls.

On of her favoured phrases was "fresh meat" for new magical girls.

She died moments after Hinata Aina in the large demon attack that nearly wiped out the Southern Group.