Kure Kirika

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Kure Kirika
Name Kure Kirika (♀)
Kanji 呉 キリカ
Occupation Magical Girl, Southern Group
suspected to be clinically insane
Soul Gem
Lower back
Soul Gem
Weapon Curved Claws
Classification Time manipulation

Kure Kirika was the first to team up with Mikuni Oriko and later part of the Southern Group.

She paired up with Oriko, tormenting Mami and denying her grief cubes, attacking her and trashing her home. It can be reasonably assumed Kirika was in love with and full of devotion to Oriko, which kept her somewhat in check.

She had a disturbing habit of licking her claws.

Kirika died during the demon attack that nearly wiped out the Southern Group, only being survived by Oriko for a short amount of time and Yuma.

Costume and Abilities[edit]

She was able to slow time in front of her and capable of repeatedly erasing her memory