Kamijou Kyousuke

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Kamijou Kyousuke
Name Kamijou Kyousuke (♂)
Kanji 上条 恭介
Age born 1996/7
Occupation Violinist
Beneficiary of Miki Sayaka's Wish
Husband to Shizuki Hitomi

Kamijou Kyousuke was a contemporary of the Mitakihara Four as well as Shizuki Hitomi.

Considered a prodigy on the violin, an accident left him unable to play in his teenage years. Miki Sayaka, who was in love with him at the time, used her wish to heal his hands. He was and remained unaware of her feelings till her death.

He later married Shizuki Hitomi and had a daughter with her, Shizuki Sayaka.

His music is still played as of Ryouko's time, perhaps aided by funding from Kyouko.