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Here, you can find all fan content generated over the years.

Expanded Universe Fanfiction

Canonicity: Mostly Canon - fanmade, but with feedback and advice from the author. Complete accuracy NOT guaranteed, though.

Spoilers labeled by chapter you should read up to first. If story is incomplete, no spoiler rating given. Recommend reading up to the latest chapter of TtS first to be safe.


Emma's Story, by El Conservatore
Complete trilogy about magical girl life during the Contact War. [Ch. 32]


Complete. [Ch. 32]
Tells the story of a more average magical girl, Emma Sinclair, during the Samsara Offensive.
Considered to hit its stride once Emma gets off Earth in Chapter 4. If you want to know what life is like for a magical girl on the front lines, this is the story for you.


Complete. [Ch. 32]
Sequel to Solemnis. Continues to follow the war in Samsara.


Complete. [Ch. 32]
Sequel to Sodales. Handles what comes after Samsara.
Anthology, by Julian Bradshaw
A collection of works by the MSY Historian. [Ch. 34]


Complete. [Ch. 24]
A snippet from Julian Bradshaw's Mahou Shoujo: Their World, Their History, detailing the history of magical girl sports.

The Fermi Question, Answered?

Complete. [Ch. 4]
A snippet from Julian Bradshaw's personal blog, discussing the history of the Fermi Question.

Unification Wars History

Complete. [Ch. 34]
A more detailed overview of the wars and events of the time.


La Fondazione della Guardia di Anima, by picardyThird

Complete. [Ch. 44]
Tells the story of the Soul Guard's foundation in the early MSY period.

The One-Hundredth Floor, by Skarmory

Incomplete, indefinite hiatus. [Ch. ??]
Views of the day-to-day administration of the MSY, around the early Unification Wars era.

Official Spinoff Ideas: Post 1, Post 2, and Various

Not started. [Ch. ??]
Some worldbuilding tidbits here.

Puppets, by Schpwuette

Incomplete, dead. [Ch. ??]
About a rogue colony, decades before the Contact War.
Interesting look at what it's like as a magical girl in a TtS future without the MSY around to help.

Those Who Take the Sword, by hereLiesATroper

Incomplete, dead. [Ch. ??]
About Clarisse van Rossum in World War I.
Features a very early (and discarded) concept in which demons take on a variety of forms, built from the fears and imaginations of local humans, rather than just the wraith form shown in Madoka Magica canon and TtS.


Canonicity: Varies - in general, not canon, though can contain canon elements.

Spoilers labeled by chapter you should read up to first.


Mass Divergence, by Hieronym and El Conservatore

Incomplete, ongoing. [Ch. ??]
Crossover between Mass Effect, To the Stars, and Emma's Story.
"It was unexpected, to say the least. The Citadel Council, the MSY, Governance - they all faced a new, confusing world. And, for those closest to the expanding shockwave, a very different life..."


A Moment's Relaxation, by Hieronym and El Conservatore

Complete. [Ch. 36]
Crossover between To the Stars and Emma's Story.
If you don't want to download the epub file, you can read it on the Sufficient Velocity Discussion thread, but be aware there's spoilers up to the latest TtS chapter there: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3
Essentially a roleplaying session. What if Ryouko and Asami of around To the Stars Chapter 34 met Emma and Ayane of around Sodales Chapter 14, despite the fact that in canon these versions of them are separated by years of time and half of human space?

Reaching for Eternity, by Kelira Telian

Incomplete, dead. [Ch. ??]
Crossover between To the Stars and Hieronym's Minami-ke fanfictions.
Yoshino becomes a magical girl, and encounters the Southern Group.

L'Effetto Magico, by Gamer

Incomplete, dead. [Ch. ??]
Crossover between To the Stars and Mass Effect
Jane Shepard becomes a magical girl.

The Goddess's Messenger, by Batta the Beast

Complete. [Ch. 46]
Crossover between To the Stars and Familiar of Zero.
A short, "crack" crossover, with wild To the Stars speculation tacked on as "spoilers".

Roleplaying Games

Canonicity: Varies. Even if overseen by Hieronym and run in-universe, canonicity is stretched for roleplaying purposes.

Spoilers labeled by chapter you should read up to first.


Machine in the Ghost

Incomplete, ongoing. [Ch. ??]
Run by: tomoyo
You are Clarisse the TacComp, and both you and Ryouko have suddenly been flung into what appears to be 2011 Mitakihara. What happened? How do you help Ryouko? Is that Madoka!?
This is a quest, where anyone can participate by voting on actions for each new update of the story.


Sacred Myths

Complete. [Ch. 34]
Run by: Hieronym
Follows a Black Heart team in the midst of the Unification Wars.
Link above is the Opening Sequence. Incomplete, redacted sessions and the Epilogue are available.

Cold War

Incomplete, ongoing. [Ch. ??]
Run by: Skarmory
Follows MSY operatives in years leading up to the Unification Wars.

Soul Ascendancy

Complete. [Ch. ??]
Run by: Emeralis00, 75% Certain
The life of magical girls in a tumultuous 2045 Seattle.
The version in the link above is incomplete, but this was rebooted and completed in a private Discord, logs for which are here.
Has a few of its own wiki pages.

Gunpowder Clear

Incomplete, dead. [Ch. ??]
Run by: Emeralis00
Crossover between To the Stars and Gunslinger Girl, set at the beginning of the Unification Wars.

Meguca Empire

Complete.* [Ch. ??]
Run by: inverted_helix
Set at the establishment of the proto-MSY, as Mami attempts to create a Magical Girl organization.
*The quest was declared over by the author, but the stopping point is semi-arbitrary.

Other Fan Works

Canonicity: Not Canon - these generally attempt to mesh with canon, but they're only fanmade.

Spoilers labeled by chapter you should read up to first.


All posts to Hieronym's Tumblr tagged as fanart [Spoilers up to most recent chapter]

Booru collection of fanart [Spoilers up to most recent chapter]


More detailed Unification War maps [Ch. 24]: 2163 and 2165

Various xKick sketches [No Spoilers]

xKick's TtS/Mad Max crossover fanart of Hinata Aina and Miroko Mikuru [Mad Max: Fury Road Spoilers]

'Deus Ex Machina' - fanfiction short detailing an alternate end to Chapter 37 [Ch. 37]

'The Pretorian Trial' - fanfiction story about the origins of the TCF (dead) [Ch. ??]

'The Theological Council' - fanfiction short detailing an alternate end to Chapter 51 [Ch. 51]