Soul Ascendancy

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This article is from a spinoff work from To the Stars. Although it is set in the same setting, it should not be considered canon.

Soul Ascendancy is an RP using the Wild Talents ruleset, set in Seattle during the latter half of the 2040's.


The plot starts with MSY-related corporations moving into Seattle. Rumors are already spreading throughout the U.S. West Coast of the MSY, with a generally positive reaction to it. Seattle specifically, has been ever so slightly more resistant to this than otherwise expected, and the reason for this is theorized to be due to the newest "Tyrant" controlling large sections of Seattle, a redhead by the name of Guinevere. Her rise to power seems too quick for one person, so the general consensus is that she is only the visible part of a group of magical girls. Her rule doesn't seem particularly existent however, mostly sticking to her own, large, territory and keeping tabs on the magical girls within that territory.



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