Simona del Mago

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Simona del Mago
Simona face image.png
Name Simona del Mago (♀)
Age 14-15
Occupation Student
Friend of Shizuki Ryouko

"The last time I heard anything about you, you'd gone home to Argentina," -Ryouko

((Todo: add some details from the story itself. Wikify. Double-check age. Possibly edit down conversational tone of first subsection?))

The most recent of Ryouko’s friends, this foreign exchange student transferred into her school a year ago and recently renewed her stay for a year, something she claims not to have ever done before. Protective and occasionally awkward, she has a knack for reading Ryouko’s thoughts, and nurses a crush for Ryouko that Ryouko, rather typically, has utterly failed to notice. It is at least moderately obvious, considering that both Chiaki and Ruiko seem unsurprised by Simona’s offer of a ring to Ryouko as a gift; plus, Mami catches on almost immediately. It is unknown if Simona has any focus of study in school.

Recently, it has emerged that Simona’s background is rather more mysterious than it seems. Glitches in her school background, cryptic statements, and the revelation that she seemed to lock onto Ryouko the moment she entered the school show that there is more to the girl than it seems…

Physical Description[edit]

Simona has Darker skin, yes. Cafe au Lait, as they say. She looks older than her years and is tall compared to the Japanese girls she’s surrounded by (especially Ryouko). Not tall enough to be taller than tall Chiaki, but tall. In face and figure, she’s far more from the European side of Hispanic ancestry than the Native American side. She should look like a pleasant person, but her eyes should be sharp, and give the vague impression that she’s nervous about something.

She has medium length hair. I’d say a little above shoulder level. Standard black hair/brown eyes. (yeah I shouldn’t have left out those details) Better endowed than anyone except Mami (given her age). Except for the dark skin, she’s very much the Spanish beauty, so long-ish face, somewhat prominent nose and cheekbones. I didn’t quite want to describe it like that, because I’m not sure it gets well with anime art styles. What’s important is that she’s more than usually attractive, which is of course not a fact Ryouko ever picks up on.